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Is German Really Hard?

Well, I think every language has their own uniqueness. Right now, I wanna show you 2 of YouTube channels that give 2 different perspectives.

What are they?

Let’s see:

Copy cat channel” gives you this:

Aeroplane       = Flugzeug
Surprise            = Überraschen
Butterfly          = Schmetterling

Then “A Kiss on Page” gives you this:

blow dryer = Fön
please = bitte
exactly = genau

(Perhaps, you should watch the videos, because they compared it to other languages, so you could feel the difference(s).)

I just gave you examples, not stand on the one side.

Because I myself had tried to learn this language but it was so hard to enter my brain.


Because I have been learning Latin languages (Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese) that some of them have similar words. So, it’s been really helping me to remember some words when I learned each language.

English Spanish Italian French
With con con avec
a un / una un / una un / une
bread pan pane pain
drink beber bere boire

Then, I tried to learn German. But, it was stuck from the beginning.


Because the words are totally different with Latin languages.

My brain seemed to be not enough to accept the different thing from Latin languages.

You see:

English Spanish Italian French German
With con con avec mit
a un / una un / una un / une ein / eine
bread pan pane pain Brot
drink beber bere boire Getränk

Okay, maybe not all the words are different, but the majority is different, so yeahhh maybe I give up on this language.

As an Indonesian person, some said that German is close to Indonesian language and English.

But majority I couldn’t find it, or maybe I have been too lazy to find it.

I have found some words that same as Indonesian language, such as the name of months: April, Juni, Juli, September, Oktober, November (some of them have a bit different pronunciation with Indonesian, but… yeah.. just a bit).

And the name of the month that I found same as English is: August.

For me, it is not about the long or the short words, but as long as the language (especially European) has similar word(s) with other European languages, it could be better to help me remembering the word(s) or even the conjugation(s).

Well, those are just a few examples that I could give. If you are really into German language, maybe you could do it better than I.

(Actually, I have been learning the Latin languages since 2002 in different times. But because I don’t have any friend(s) to talk to, so it is not too fluent.)

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