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Milan vs Chievo Nov 4th 2012

on November 5, 2012

When everyone is talking about the failure of Juventus…

When everyone is keeping questioning the unbeaten record was fail…

WHY DON’T WE talk about the winning team?!!!

Yeahhhh… Nov 4th 2011 UEFA ITALY LEAGUE SERIE A: AC MILAN won the match before the losing team, Juve, started to play. From the beginning of this season, this was the first time for Milan had a BIG winning. Well, don’t know because of the bad strategy from the  coach (Allegri), or because of the leaving of the star players (Ibra & Silva), or because of the bad defenders, or even the three of them which caused the bad impact of Milan team performances.

AC Milan performances from Aug 26th until Nov 4th 2012
Photo by: FotMob app, Effect by: 美图秀秀

You can see the prove from the picture above. The red backgrounds were when AC Milan lost the matches. The rests were when AC Milan won or draw the matches. And when did the BIG WINNING happen? Yup, last nov 4th 2012 00.00 (Indonesian time), when AC Milan againsted Chievo.

I though, the score would be the same as when Kaka did the hatrick (plus 1 goal from Nesta )and won the match 4-1 over this Chievo team. But, NOW, AC Milan team did more than that.

AC MILAN WON 5-1 over Chievo.

The different now was the goals from 5 different players.

Why could it be happened? Well, one of Indonesian commentator said that it could be because of the successfulness of Allegri new strategy and the weak performance of Chievo.

So, who scored the goals? When did the scores happen?

You can see the picture below.


AC Milan won 5 – 1 over Chievo
5 goals from 5 different players
Photo by: FotMob app, Effect by: 美图秀秀

And here are for the Line Up (left is Milan’s and right is Chievo’s)

(3 photoes below by FotMob app)




And these are the Milan Players who made 5 goals.

Top: Urby (28), Montolivo (18), Bojan (22), Pazzini (11)
Bottom:El Sharaawy (92)
Photo by: AC Milan Fans Club (Page FB)

Why was Sharaawy who made the 4th goal has the bigger photo than the others?

I think, that thing has 2 reasons.

1st, because he scored 1 goal and 1 assist for Pazzini for this match.

2nd, because until Nov 5th 2012 in this season he has been a TOP SCORER.

Yup, eventhough until Nov 5th 2012 in this season Milan has been the top ten at the Italy Klasemen, but Sharaawy scored 8 goals more than the other teams.

And the prove is on the picture below.

Top Score Italy League Serie A until Nov 5th 2012
(Season 2012-2013)
Photo by:

Well, I hope, or Milanisti also absolutely hope that the next match will be a better and better performance.

Forza MILAN!!!!!

PS: Next Match for Milan in the Champions League

Nov 7th 2012 02.45 (Indonesian time): 2nd round Milan vs Malaga


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