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Adam Young (Owl City)’s Dream

Adam Young-
member of Owl City


Get out of OWL CITY now! Think about adventure! And do it with me now!



Adam Young doesn’t have idea where he is right now. After he got a message from Silhouette, suddenly he was unconscious. What he feels right now is coldness. He is checking around him and it turns out that he’s on THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!!! How could? But he doesn’t feel so cold. The sun also shines so extreme. Maybe the thick coat that he’s wearing protects him from the coldness.


Then, something appears about 5 meters in front of him. He is thinking what or who it is.


“Hi, I’m Silhouette. Welcome to my world. Play the adventure here and follow my rules.”

“What rules?” Young asks and then runs toward Silhouette. He is trying to touch her but he fails.

“Hologram?” He confused. Then she disappears.


A second later a big HOT AIR BALLOON turns up to the ice surface. The color of the blue balloon is same as the color of the sky. The basket is made by brown wood.


Get in to the balloon, a voice of Silhouette comes from nowhere.


He walks toward the balloon. He gets in to the balloon from the ladder that turns up to the ice surface. After he gets in, the ladder disappears.


Just stay in the balloon. See the view around like the SKY DIVER. Wait for the next destination. The rules are easy, right?


The balloon is going up slowly, keeping away from the iceberg. The view is very beautiful from over there even though those are just ices and sea. Adam Young starts to enjoy the journey. Ten minutes later the view changes to a large desert. Everywhere is just sand.


What time is it? No one knows including him. But the sky starts to give a VANILLA TWILIGHT. And, hey look! “Wow!” He is looking at METEOR SHOWER. Looking from the sky seems to be more beautiful. He enjoys for ten minutes.


Suddenly, the balloon starts to go down. Why? He himself even doesn’t know what is happenning. He tries to look and touch the gas that is located in the middle of the balloon. The balloon still doesn’t want to go up, but vice versa, it goes down and goes down. Next, it crashes the trees in the forest. Fortunately, the balloon still stands up. Unfortunately, there is a DEMENTIA there. He is trying to catch Young. Young jumps from the basket, and then runs nowhere.


What have I told you? Don’t do anything in the balloon! It’s the punishment for you.


“The balloon started to go down and I just wanted to keep it going up.” Young yells and is angry.


I could handle it. You were too careless to repair it by yourself. And now, it’s time for you to find the next destination from this place, METROPOLIS Forest.


“What??!!” Young is so fed up but he still keeps running in order not to catch by that dementia.


“TAKE IT ALL AWAY!” Young throws a branch to the dementia.


Then, he finds a motorbike named “SPEED OF LOVE”. Whose motorbike is it? Don’t care! Adam Young uses it and leaves the dementia behind. It works. But he still doesn’t know where to go until he finds a cave named “THE SALTWATER ROOM”.


It is a large cave. So, Young can use motorbike inside. There’s also enough light from outside cave. He finds water inside the cave but not too much. Young tries the taste and understands why the cave named “The Saltwater Room”. He keeps riding the motorbike even though when he is in the middle no light illuminate the cave. But not too long after that, he sees the light in the corner of the cave. Yes, he finds the way out.


It turns out a beach!! Some coconut trees form a pattern of three words, WEST COAST FRIENDSHIP. Young thinks, “I hope I find a good friend here.” Well, the sand is full of round GOLD. Why? Don’t know why, but he collects it. After he satisfied, he relaxes under an UMBRELLA BEACH watching the sunset. When the sky is almost dark, he gathers the woods that he finds on all over the sand. Next, he is burning the bright with the EMBERS. Suddenly, there’s a SHOOTING STAR on the dark sky, he starts to close his eyes and makes a wish.


“Sir! Get up, sir!”


He wakes up on the back stage, rubs his face and then he is mumbling “aahh, are they DREAMS AND DISASTERS?”


“Sir, it’s a GOOD TIME to begin the concert.”


When he is on the stage, the fans say, “welcome to THE REAL WORLD, welcome to Indonesia!”


After he finished the concert, he gets a message again.


Take a look TO THE SKY, and tell me…
The AIR TRAFFIC seems to be fun…
Look at those beautiful BUTTERFLY WINGS, or maybe the FIREFLIES…
Those EARLY BIRDIE voice sure is warm up our heart…
The sky’s still a FUZZY BLUE LIGHTS in the morning, but it’s okay…
Hey, listen Adam Young, why don’t you stop to CAVE IN, and start a brand new adventure with me?


“Ohhh, not again. Who is this woman exactly??”

by: Depz and Glen Tripollo

This story is dedicated to: Adam Young, Owl City

Welcome to Indonesia on November 14th 2012

Have fun in the concert ^.^

The Midsummer Station album by owl City
released: August 17th 2012


Milan vs Chievo Nov 4th 2012

When everyone is talking about the failure of Juventus…

When everyone is keeping questioning the unbeaten record was fail…

WHY DON’T WE talk about the winning team?!!!

Yeahhhh… Nov 4th 2011 UEFA ITALY LEAGUE SERIE A: AC MILAN won the match before the losing team, Juve, started to play. From the beginning of this season, this was the first time for Milan had a BIG winning. Well, don’t know because of the bad strategy from the  coach (Allegri), or because of the leaving of the star players (Ibra & Silva), or because of the bad defenders, or even the three of them which caused the bad impact of Milan team performances.

AC Milan performances from Aug 26th until Nov 4th 2012
Photo by: FotMob app, Effect by: 美图秀秀

You can see the prove from the picture above. The red backgrounds were when AC Milan lost the matches. The rests were when AC Milan won or draw the matches. And when did the BIG WINNING happen? Yup, last nov 4th 2012 00.00 (Indonesian time), when AC Milan againsted Chievo.

I though, the score would be the same as when Kaka did the hatrick (plus 1 goal from Nesta )and won the match 4-1 over this Chievo team. But, NOW, AC Milan team did more than that.

AC MILAN WON 5-1 over Chievo.

The different now was the goals from 5 different players.

Why could it be happened? Well, one of Indonesian commentator said that it could be because of the successfulness of Allegri new strategy and the weak performance of Chievo.

So, who scored the goals? When did the scores happen?

You can see the picture below.


AC Milan won 5 – 1 over Chievo
5 goals from 5 different players
Photo by: FotMob app, Effect by: 美图秀秀

And here are for the Line Up (left is Milan’s and right is Chievo’s)

(3 photoes below by FotMob app)




And these are the Milan Players who made 5 goals.

Top: Urby (28), Montolivo (18), Bojan (22), Pazzini (11)
Bottom:El Sharaawy (92)
Photo by: AC Milan Fans Club (Page FB)

Why was Sharaawy who made the 4th goal has the bigger photo than the others?

I think, that thing has 2 reasons.

1st, because he scored 1 goal and 1 assist for Pazzini for this match.

2nd, because until Nov 5th 2012 in this season he has been a TOP SCORER.

Yup, eventhough until Nov 5th 2012 in this season Milan has been the top ten at the Italy Klasemen, but Sharaawy scored 8 goals more than the other teams.

And the prove is on the picture below.

Top Score Italy League Serie A until Nov 5th 2012
(Season 2012-2013)
Photo by:

Well, I hope, or Milanisti also absolutely hope that the next match will be a better and better performance.

Forza MILAN!!!!!

PS: Next Match for Milan in the Champions League

Nov 7th 2012 02.45 (Indonesian time): 2nd round Milan vs Malaga

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