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Ricardo Kaka’s Progress 2012

Finally… I talked about football or soccer (whatever you do like to say). Actually, I don’t talk about football is, but about the person that has related with that. Of course the popular football player!!

Do you know who I am talking about? Yes, he is Ricardo Izeczon dos Santos Leite a.k.a Ricardo Kaka a.k.a Ricky Kaka a.k.a Kaka. I won’t talk about his biography because you can search it everywhere eventhough I myself wanna do it as his BIG FAN.

Now, I just wanna talk about his performance. Why? It has been so long since the last I saw him playing in AC Milan team. Unfortunately, for the sake of Milan financial, in 2009 he was willing to be transferred to Real Madrid, the team that I hate the most. So, do I have to like Madrid team because of him??? Absolutely not!!!!! I cannot! Not as easy as that! But I still love Kaka personally. Just it! Then, he did the new match and the new environment there. How’s the result? It’s not as good as he played in AC Milan team.

2003-2009 Kaka played in Milan team with many awards. While the year of 2007 was his!!!

2009-now (2012) Kaka played in Madrid with many awards? Is he awarded? Well, in my heart, yes. But for the real ones, the other football players beat him since then.

I am still thinking that the club now he has been playing to is not really into him eventhough recently a lot of news said that because of the better Kaka’s performance, so he convinced the coach that he is still one of the best player there. Well, yes, he proves it. But was that too late? From 2009? Come on… Not too late for his improvement, but I think it’s too late for the club. He has to back to his real environment.

Suddenly the good news came from the Brazilian national team. After two years had not been called, now the time for him to prove what his heart says the most, for his country. His heart must be into it. This is the first time I started to be happy again for him. His skill will not be wasted! He is still skillful in his 30 years old.

Oct 12th 2012, 1.30 am-3.30 am (West Indonesia time). Brazil vs Iraqi, played in Sweden.

On the 1st round. The Brazilian David was hit by Iraqi player. Is it incidentally? Or accidentally? Or deliberately? Kaka also was being fouled. Oh, come on… But! Oscar made two goals in 22’ and 27. After that, the funny thing was one of Iraqi player’s stomatch got hurt by the ball that Milan player kicked. Ouch! How was it like? Ah,  it was a pity that the heading from Brazilian player did not success yet. Neymar and Kaka kept on making a goal but were still zero.

But on the second round, Kaka did it! KAKA IS BACK! Yes, he made a goal from the left of penalty box with my number on his back.  At last, he did! He did his task to break the opponent teamwork. See? He enjoys and really really was comfortable to play in his field. Then eight minutes later, the green body made another goal. No, no… not the real one. But his nickname, indeed, is Hulk. Few minutes later, Kaka was replaced by Lucas. Big applause and standing ovation for Kaka, ladies and gentlemen!!! (eventhough in my heart still said that I wanna see him more.. encore… encore… ok, just ignore it.) Huh! At last! After a lof of tries, Neymar did it in 76’. I think everyone also waited for this. Then, the sad thing emerged the happy thing. Who replaced Kaka? Yes, Lucas. He did the last goal for Brazil in 80’. The coach selected the good one.

Rocardo Kaka

Kaka made a goal in Bra vs Irq Friendlies Club match Oct 12th 2012

FT 6-0 for Brazil!!!!
It’s the happiest time for me to watch Kaka playing in the comfortable team and match since 2009 after he left Milan.

Man of the match???? Of course Ka2!!!!! and Oscar and Neymar, I think…
╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╯ GO!

I still hope someday he’d really back to Milan and make what he wanted earlier, become a Milan captain.

Ricardo Kaka

The other players congratulated Kaka for his goal

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