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on September 20, 2012

I did not think that I would see a cute guy. As far as I knew, he was in a different grade. I was in junior high school and he was in senior high school. When I saw him for the first time, I did not like him but I do not know why when I saw him for the second time I felt for him. Actually, I wanted to get to know him better but I felt very embarrassed to do that. So, for nearly two years, I had just been enjoying his cute face from far and looking for information about him. On some occasions, I felt fed up with him for no reason but after a few times, I still felt I liked him. From my friends, I knew that he was four years older than me and he had not passed the first grade of senior high school and the extracurricular was the reason. I did not know it was true or not.

One day, I got surprised. Like I have said before I did not get to know him for nearly two years and suddenly, I found him in MIRC (chatting community on internet). I dared myself to communicate with him. Because of my childishness, the communication was not running smoothly. I was very disappointed. But the one thing that I got was his real name. Yah… His name was Alex. He seemed to be an adult guy and like an older brother when we chatted. He gave me some advice about studying at school. Besides that, one thing that made me happy was that I got his e-mail address. So, a few days later I sent him a message to his e-mail address. What I got from our dialogue was knowledge about school and what I had to do as a student. Honestly, I liked him more and more.

About two months later, I graduated from junior high school and he graduated from senior high school. In the first grade, I took extracurricular classes in Mandarin. But my other friends took extracurricular classes in nature. It turned out that Alex was one of the leaders of the extracurricular classes in nature. One of my friends that had lessons from him hated him. She told me that he was a rude guy and an ugly guy. I just had to keep silent so not to create an awful situation. Even though he had not passed the first grade of senior high school, it did not mean he was a stupid guy. Maybe, he just got stuck. And although my friend said that he was a rude guy, so far he had acted me kindly. Besides that, he had helped me a lot. No matter what people said about Alex, I knew he was a true friend.

about 2005

based on true story…


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