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on July 1, 2012

1st destination: Soekarno Hatta Airport at Cengkareng, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou, China

2nd destination: 白云飞机场,广州,中国 (Baiyun airport, Guangzhou, China)

3rd destination: 美兰飞机场,海南岛,中国 (Meilan Airport, Hainan Island, China)

Hainan Normal University, in Haikou, Hainan Island, China4th destination: 海南师范大学,海口,海南岛,中国

(Hainan Normal University, Haikou, Hainan Island, China)

When I went to do teacher training in China a while ago in 2011, I have took some places in order to arrive there. But, there were some people that have managed it, so I just followed the instructions.

I had to prepare from Bandung, Indonesia about 1.00 AM, then prepared with other teachers about 2.00 AM , went to Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta about 3.00 AM. Around 5.00 AM we arrived there. But because of the delay, we just took off about 9.30 AM. We lived in the university for some days and after a short long journey we arrived there about 11.30 PM. We had to get up around 5.00 AM in the next morning to take a photo session first then we started a training about 3 days in the cold weather.

Well, yeahhhh… I just could say a bit about that… with about 30 books, dictionaries, and CD’s in each teachers’ hands on the way back to Indonesia, some of us had to buy a new luggage… Fiuhhh…

Could I bear anymore? I dunno…

4 days from now on I will be there again to do teacher training again, but later I was as a school representative.

I looked at my application about weather. It has been saying that the weather is hot there but sometimes raining these days. Is that true? Anyone coud tell me what should I do in the next training?

NB: The University has a cooperation with some countries, such as ex-change students. So, we can meet students from Southeast Asia, East Asia (of course), West Asia, even from Russia. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to talk with a Russian guy that had ever entered the training class once. 😛 Yes, we could talk in Chinese language here eventhough we are from different countries. 🙂


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