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Would I tell u those words?

on June 28, 2012

Tak ada 1 hari untuk merasakannya…

Tapi butuh beberapa hari untuk mengatakannya…


Seperti lagu Gil:

It’s easy to say, but so hard to do” ato

It’s hard for me, to say I love u… simple words are always though


Pertanyaannya adalah:

Would I tell u those words???”

Which ‘U’??”



Maybe I’m insane… u can tell that…

Maybe I’m an unimportant person for u… u can tell that…

Whatever u wanna say, just tell that…

It’s ur right to tell everything bout me…


But one thing u should know,

This heart don’t wanna go away from me eventhough I force it.

U know why?? I myself dunno a reason, so I try to ask u.


I remember one thing,

Does this thing go to U???


Je ne sais pas

Avez-vous un cœur à moi?


su mente es la mente

mi mente es mi mente

I myself still can’t force ur decision

 (tp biasanya klo pasrah sih decisionnya tak terduga..)



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